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Things I did before I was 37.

Things I did before I was 37. Hello. This might look at first glance to be one of those “swim with mountains and climb a dolphin” sort of list. It isn’t. Don’t worry.   It isn’t one of those lists for two reasons. 1 – I find them bossy, impossible to emulate and slanted to […]

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things to crave and do! (1)

I have fallen in love with Pinterest completely – please do come and join me – I post at and I LOVE it. It is all crave and do…CRAVE and DO! My boards are divided by colour, then I have my special jewellery and design boards – with lots of images I have used for inspiration […]

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the cat earrings story

I am really happy to be bringing back these earrings as a part of my new core collection. The first two people I showed the new pieces to asked me why – Why did I include 2 little silver cats….? Well people are either dog people or cat people, I guess – and the studs […]

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food in a hurry…

Those of you that know me personally will probably be aware that I am usually in a bit of a hurry.   In terms of actual spare time, I am probably (certainly) better off than a lot of the people I know – especially those with kids and other commitments, but I am still making […]

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stand up

Over the last couple of days, I have put together a collection of a few of the press cuttings I have about hb. I started thinking about the people I have chosen to deal with. And why the majority are stand up comedians.   I have been a fan of live stand up comedy since the […]

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Button tufted thingy

I spent a recent afternoon measuring, marking, stitching, measuring again, cursing, tying, threading and cursing. A couple of years ago I found 3 matching pale blue leather “skins” on etsy and happily imported them. And put them in a zip up bag with pictures of ice creams on it and ignored them. About THIRTEEN years […]

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Cocktail ring – sketches.

If you don’t follow me on twitter (and IF you don’t, it’s a shame. I have come up with something truly awesome for the advent countdown…. Follow me here!! - you’ll have missed me dying my hair orange and white earlier this week too. It’s too late now!! It’s back to blondish again, but I did […]

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the peacock bangle story

The story behind the Peacock bangle. spot the difference – the first Peacock bangle from 2006 and the new version available HERE. As with a lot of pieces, this started off as a competition entry. I had designed leaves and flowers at this point. Designing a peacock feather without colour felt like a strange thing […]

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The Jewellery Story. intro.

The Jewellery Story introduction. It’s fairly common to read a jeweller’s blog and see something about there being a story behind every piece.   Surely sometimes though there are pieces you make to see if you can, just to get the stuff out of your head and into 3D? No… apparently there are stories. Lots […]

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The many perils of Hallowe’en and a rubbish cake.

Just a quick note really. Don’t order a takeaway on Hallowe’en night. Bounding to the door with paper money can only lead to bad places when there is only a tiny vampire there. And money was far better than the treat he was expecting…. – a further note – to whichever of my neighbours was […]

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