I am really happy to be bringing back these earrings as a part of my new core collection. The first two people I showed the new pieces to asked me why – Why did I include 2 little silver cats….?

cats mismatched studs

Well people are either dog people or cat people, I guess – and the studs are mismatched, which is a fact that I love…and these were my childhood pets.

At the beginning was the unfortunately named “Licky” (giving me a porn star name of Licky Somers in case you are interested) who ran away to live on a farm….


Then came Tabby and her almost-instantly-hit-by-a-car brother Tom.


Tabby, (the slightly bigger cat of the cat earring pair) was elegant, intelligent, aloof and happily lived as an only cat for several years until we decided to her horror that she was lonely and introduced Tabby (the slightly smaller cat).

In stark contrast to Tabby, Tammy was a delightful and deranged rodent-like monster. Noisy, cheeky and playful – she was fantastic.

It was like housing The White Witch with a hyperactive toddler.




tammy – helping me to take some photographs…


And these mismatched cat earrings are the best I can do for them. I looked around the flat today and the above is the only picture I have of Tammy – being about as sensible as I remember her.

These cat earrings are good to have. For you, they will be easy to wear and have the lovely extra buzz that mismatched pairs bring (I really do love the fact that they aren’t too sober and traditional!)

For me, they are a solid reminder of 2 really good friends – and it brings me real pleasure to share them with you. hx


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Those of you that know me personally will probably be aware that I am usually in a bit of a hurry.


In terms of actual spare time, I am probably (certainly) better off than a lot of the people I know – especially those with kids and other commitments, but I am still making a stand.

I will be in less of a rush. Even if I am in one. Which I will be.


The all came to light when I realised how little cooking I did during the course of last year. OK, I made a couple of cakes, but then ate cake instead of dinner.

I had also got it into my head that I was eating well because I “got rid” of my microwave oven. In truth, the eggs I was keeping on to of it had been smashed. Albumen had then dribbled into its mysterious workings. So I decided not to trust those mysterious workings to be safe any more…

(The watermelon that had fallen onto the eggs and smashed them was unblemished – until 1 week later it fell onto the floor and exploded. I hate that watermelon).



The realisation that I was eating mainly Tangfastics, takeaways and puddings was a bit of a shock. So. Action required. When I am in a rush, which I won’t be, I will need decent food in a hurry.

Tangfastics...the bane of my adult life. And adult teeth...

Tangfastics…the bane of my adult life. And adult teeth…

Chicken bought, thai green curry (chicken breasts, onions, aubergine, green curry paste, coconut cream), roast chicken (legs, thighs and wings plus seasoning, olive oil, thyme and root veg) and chicken soup (carcass, onions, carrots, seasoning) made. Portions boxed up and put in freezer.

New, tiny little microwave oven with steamer and crisper (wat?) functions ordered. Like I’m a proper grown up who cares about things like that.


I also made the following veggie meal this morning. I wanted something that tasted like the good, snugly bits of winter. And it absolutely does the trick.  Have a go. Measurements aren’t included because I honestly don’t know how much of anything I used.

Try not to omit things because the flavours are balanced pretty well…. Also the number it feeds depends larger upon the hunger and size of those involved. Duh.








Chilli (I use lazy ready chopped stuff in oil)

Salt and pepper


To serve

Grated mature cheddar (the sort that hurts when you eat it)

Posh Croutons (big french bread ones)


Cut it all into nice chunks and roast it until it’s roasted. The sprouts should brown. Add cheese and croutons. Eat. Say nom.



Do try it. Yummy and easy. Now to go and have a conversation about my pension.

Over the last couple of days, I have put together a collection of a few of the press cuttings I have about hb. I started thinking about the people I have chosen to deal with. And why the majority are stand up comedians.


I have been a fan of live stand up comedy since the very early 90s, One of the first gigs I saw was to see Jack Dee supported by Lee Evans. I can still remember the discovery. I knew I wanted to experience that kind of laughter all the time.

6 years later and I was doing stand up comedy myself. My first open mic spot was at The Fez in Bath. The other open mic spot that night was Marcus Brigstocke.

I met so many now very famous people during that time. I have no clue as to what I thought I was doing – but it felt like a plan – something that I wanted to be a part of. I think I just wanted to be a panelist on QI – before QI had been invented.

I enjoyed writing the stuff. I talked about things like the advert for Kinder Surprise Eggs, things it’s illegal to import and methods used by strangers to get children to get into their cars. Before every gig, terror – after, a sort of exhausted elation. Relief.


People often ask me why I don’t go back to stand up. The simple answer is that I don’t want to. I wasn’t good enough at it and I didn’t enjoy it. I wasn’t at home on stage.

I fell in love with the comedians and the slightly seedy, slightly too adult for a girl on her own nights out but I couldn’t be a fan. It was all too important to me. I wanted to talk to clever people as someone who knew what it was like to go out, bomb, die, panic, nail it, improvise and soar. I loved the brains of the people I met – and I will always be grateful for having had the chance to meet them in the days before twitter gave them something better to do with their time than talk to people at the back of the room pre-performance.

I’m also glad I met them when I was in awe of them. As an 18 year old, being cool while being given a free pass to meet my idols. Honest to god, I am so lucky. They won’t know me now, of course. They were all in a haze of panic of their own when we met. And I have a different name. I look different and I am finally at home, living the life I was meant to live. Phew.


But this Christmas, I received 3 stand up comedy dvds. The latest from Jack Dee, Greg Davies and Bill Bailey. All now recommended to you by someone who really does know.

81fO9qaiy-L._SL1500_ 91YPOq3wNCL._SL1500_ 917bXHBVyaL._SL1500_


Live comedy is great. Undiluted joy when there is nothing else to drive you to feel happy, less calorific than chocolate, more soothing than alcohol, always there.


And Greg Davies shows off his gut. Again. What more could you possibly want?