Harriet Bedford

With commendations and professional experience spanning more than a decade and a good few lessons learnt along the way, Harriet Bedford is both extremely serious and extremely excited about jewellery.

Whether you are looking for a piece to wow at a special event, to theme a wedding or occasion or to give as a gift, please have a browse – you can even save your favourites in an online wish list!

Pieces can be found at selected stockists around the UK as well as special events.

If you can’t find exactly the right piece, get in touch! You have your own tame(ish), very friendly jewellery designer right here and at your service.

Harriet Bedford has had a varied working life including bar work in pubs and clubs, fashion retail and as an Intelligence Officer in the Civil Service.

She spent over a year writing and performing comedy in clubs across the UK. (*cough* even reaching the semi-finals of Channel 4’s “So You Think You’re Funny” competition at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – just saying *cough*)

Harriet’s first love was biological science though, and she studied genetics at Manchester University.

She had to leave this course when sudden illness caused her to temporarily lose her sight. This gave her clarity and set her on the right path!

Now she designs with a passion and true gratitude.

behind the scenes

There are so many people who contribute to and support the work you see in front of you.

We have have the best photography team, headed up by Helen Machin. We have make up and hair artist, Naomi Emmanuelle and stunning model, and current face of harriet bedford, Alexandra Broome.

There is also photographic wizardry from Jomacker Mac and bubbling website genius from AllWebCo, GetBowTied, Sadie Oliver and most recently Abdul Saboor Khan.

Harriet deals with all social media directly…but would still be floundering without Matt Young.

harriet bedford has benefited from advice from hundreds of people, including Jason Davis, Michael Gordon, The BJA, Aldyth Crowther, River Lovejoy and the fabulous Judith Lockwood. And Harriet’s mum chipped in too…

In terms of making things, we’d be lost without knowing we had JHF Castings, Paul Need, Cooksons, DM Jewellery, Andrew Berry, Roger Taylor and Kim and the guys to help us out.

As well as the muses, of course. And the stockists and the journalists. The people who have given hb remarkable opportunities and inspiring competitions to work for.

The people who got down to it and got the job done. And the people we’ve forgotten…

The thousands who gave feedback or bought pieces, the people who make up the industry that we love so much. Or any of those that are served by it.


You are all part of the story behind harriet bedford.


Defiance pendant on

It is very important that you have the option of trying on jewellery should you wish. That is why we have several specially selected stockists of harriet bedford jewellery across the UK.

Some stockists will be holding pieces unavailable elsewhere – so do keep an eye out…

For more details please contact us. A list of our current stockists will be available on site very soon.

If you are interested in stocking harriet bedford jewellery, please do contact us!


online stockists

Harriet is personally active on several social media platforms.

Although not always 100% serious, her feeds are the place for news of new designs and industry insights…

You are more than welcome to link up! x

testimonials (may contain swearing)

  • The ivy necklaces and cuff links Harriet made for our wedding were just perfect. They were such unique presents for our bridesmaids and groomsmen. My wife loves Harriet’s jewellery I now have a source of presents for the next couple of years. Thanks again Harriet.”
  • I have an ivy leaf necklace. It rocks.
  • I just showed it to my gran and she really liked it – old people are hard to impress as well!
  • I can’t tell you how many compliments I received on your earrings while I was on vacation.
  • You really are the d*gs b*llocks at what you do!
  • The Ivy Bracelet and necklace is breathtakingly beautiful! NO words can do justice ! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! I want to be buried in them! Thanks again harriet!!!
  • What a beautiful necklace, absolutely love it! Sooo charming, and lays smoothly and comfortably on the neck. Thanks very much! Very highly recommend purchasing with this artisan.

royal approval

In 2012, The British Jeweller’s Association (now the National Association of Jewellers) held an historic Diamond Brooch design competition.

The winning entry was made by a team of BJA members using donated materials and given as a gift to HRH Queen Elizabeth II as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

Harriet’s design, “The Floral Time Capsule” was one of only 6 shortlisted entries… and as such was approved for use by the Queen.

No it didn’t win. And we NEVER mention that. 😀

take a bow...

Great care is taken to ensure that harriet bedford jewellery deserves to be part of your special occasion.

To this end, we offer a gift wrapping service – and if you want to place all of your budget into the jewellery itself, 2 of the gift wrap options are offered free of charge!


Ready to give… crisply wrapped…and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

the muses

harriet bedford jewellery has been given to several celebrities.

(To be honest, there isn’t really that much of a selection process… It usually just involves looking at a TV programme or film and wanting to say thanks for it! SO sophisticated!)

So Thanks again to:

Derren Brown

Stephen Fry

Dame Judi Dench

Greg Davies

Victoria Coren-Mitchell


and others!


For further details, please contact the office via info@harrietbedford.com

very important pieces

harriet bedford is proud to present The Defiance Lioness collection in aid of the Born Free Foundation.

The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity devoted to wild animal welfare and compassionate conservation working to save animal lives, stop suffering, rescue individuals and protect rare species.

Born Free Charity number 1070906.


harriet bedford also supports Breast Cancer Care.

One of Harriet’s designs, Light Breeze, a pierced sterling silver  Butterfly Fan pendant that opened and closed fully was one of 12 lots auctioned at International Jewellery London 2014 in September. The piece was bought, with its original artwork by Chairman of the British Jewellers’ Association Gary Wroe.

Harriet is overjoyed to have been able to support the charity in this way.

Breast Cancer Care Charity number 1017658.

we are here

Harriet is the driving force behind her brand and is always open to suggestions or feedback.

The harriet bedford Facebook Page often asks its followers for their opinions or pick of new directions for pieces or collections.

And unless you are selling followers or Viagra (or are a robot), @harrietbedford will follow back on twitter too!

There’s never a hard sell, because that’s not our role. We are here for you when you want us.


And we will be really good.