I am really happy to be bringing back these earrings as a part of my new core collection. The first two people I showed the new pieces to asked me why – Why did I include 2 little silver cats….?

cats mismatched studs

Well people are either dog people or cat people, I guess – and the studs are mismatched, which is a fact that I love…and these were my childhood pets.

At the beginning was the unfortunately named “Licky” (giving me a porn star name of Licky Somers in case you are interested) who ran away to live on a farm….


Then came Tabby and her almost-instantly-hit-by-a-car brother Tom.


Tabby, (the slightly bigger cat of the cat earring pair) was elegant, intelligent, aloof and happily lived as an only cat for several years until we decided to her horror that she was lonely and introduced Tabby (the slightly smaller cat).

In stark contrast to Tabby, Tammy was a delightful and deranged rodent-like monster. Noisy, cheeky and playful – she was fantastic.

It was like housing The White Witch with a hyperactive toddler.




tammy – helping me to take some photographs…


And these mismatched cat earrings are the best I can do for them. I looked around the flat today and the above is the only picture I have of Tammy – being about as sensible as I remember her.

These cat earrings are good to have. For you, they will be easy to wear and have the lovely extra buzz that mismatched pairs bring (I really do love the fact that they aren’t too sober and traditional!)

For me, they are a solid reminder of 2 really good friends – and it brings me real pleasure to share them with you. hx


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The story behind the Peacock bangle.

peacock bangle 3peacock bangle
spot the difference – the first Peacock bangle from 2006 and the new version available HERE.
As with a lot of pieces, this started off as a competition entry.
I had designed leaves and flowers at this point. Designing a peacock feather without colour felt like a strange thing to do – but worth the effort. I’ve been looking at feather structure for years. (I’m a geneticist too, you know…)
The Kayman design award was the first jewellery design competition I ever entered and I managed to short list with a 5 piece peacock collection; a pendant, layered stud earrings, an ornate neckpiece and matching bracelet and this bangle.
I took my entry up to Birmingham myself – my first introduction to the British Jewellers Association. It didn’t win but I can remember being told in hushed tones by one of the judges that it had been, “fought for” – that was important.
So I had this new collection. The peacock bangle was my favourite piece from it – the first master had taken 3 ½ weeks to pierce out.
I started casting from that first piece and it was a popular piece straight away so when I lost contact with my caster – and well… she decided to keep the master(!) the stock ran out quickly.
The first new master I made is shown here.
I tried to find a company with the expertise to cast from it. No one could help. I looked over the place but eventually accepted that I wasn’t going to be able to produce the piece again. That was that. I had the hand pierced master 22ct gold plated – it is beautiful and for sale HERE.
 gold plated peacock bangleRose Gold Peacock bangle 2012
So that was it. The master was gone. I started on new collections and (nearly) gave up.
(Insert mournful music with images of me looking solemnly out of the window here. Rain? Probably.)
I met Kim at International Jewellery London in 2012, had a couple of meetings and started using her for all of my casting needs. The quality of her work is fabulous.
I made a new master in copper (only 2½ days to pierce!) with improvements, little holes in the centre of the eyes made the design fresher and more ornate and strips on the back of the piece gave it strength and weight – a vital characteristic of any piece of jewellery.
peacock bangle master in copper
I sent it to Kim and waited. I waited and waited….. I eventually received a very sheepish phone call…
Harriet? … I can probably do it but I wanted me to ask you something …. Would it be OK if I…Cut your master….in…..half?
That bit of ultra cheeky problem solving is why I love Kim. I always aim to work with people willing to think more and harder and differently about a project in order to get it done. I’m very lucky to have found her.

And of course I said yes (and did a little dance)… And can now present the peacock bangle. It’s lovely to have it back!