Q We’ve got an idea for a piece but it’s really stupid/complicated do you mind if we show it to you?

A Stupidity and complexity do tend to give great results! Let us have a look at what you want – there’s a very good chance we have worked on more stupid and more complex things in the last 20 years….

During the initial consult you will be told if it’s possible for us to complete a project. If it’s not – we’ll work out if it might be possible for another company and put you in touch. If we don’t think it can be done at all, we will let you know.


Q I’ve seen an amazing piece of jewellery on [NAME OF SHOW] will you make me a copy?

A If they haven’t agreed to work with us, we can’t help you. Sorry.

HOWEVER – if you can put them in touch with us, explain what you want and that we can help, there’s a chance it might happen!


Q Why is there a deposit and why is it non-refundable?

A Design and manufacture both cost time and money. Harriet will have done a significant amount of work by the time the design is finished. Without a deposit system, a client might think that they can order a lot of work, have it done, change their minds and owe nothing.

It’s also the case that slots fill up quickly. If someone takes a slot but isn’t 100% dedicated to seeing the order through, it’s unfair on other clients who are made to wait.


Q Say we start working with you. We start work, have a couple of tweaks and it doesn’t work out, then what?

A We are willing to keep working with you until you end up with exactly what you want!

You can buy more tweaks. If we are nearly there and it just needs a little more work, you can purchase some “tweaks” and continue development.

If you decide to give up; the needs of the project change or you are unhappy, we can part ways. The designs created belong to you together with any models and moulds made.

These can be destroyed on receipt of written instruction.


Q I want a piece from [name of company] because I love their work, but I don’t know how to get in touch with them. Can you find out?

A  We don’t have the capability to do general research in response to fan requests at the moment. We think that requests for merchandise are best when they come from people who are already familiar with and love the people involved so encourage fans to research and make contact and referrals to us themselves.

That said, we are a group of devoted gamers and love many shows, films, channels and other creative properties, so we do a lot of scouting and research ourselves!


Q I represent [name of charity] will you give us as custom design so that we can sell it/auction a one off?

A We work with several charities and donate pieces frequently. The donations are selected by Harriet and we contact the charities directly.

If you would like to commission a piece or collection for sale through your site or to your members, please get in touch. We have worked with several charities in this way and the results are always lovely!


Q I want to commission a piece with our brand property on it. Do we have to acknowledge your involvement in the piece?

A All pieces will have full UK hallmarks as necessary. These contain my maker’s mark. That aside, there is no requirement to refer to harriet bedford at all. It is your design, your merchandise and your brand.


Q We REALLY need this work in time for [EVENT] Can you do it? 

A We will find out and let you know as a priority. If we are working with you and there’s a deadline in place, we will do every single last thing we need to get it there in good time. Promise.

We are not going to be something you need to worry about.

We have lots of ways to get things done. There is always a plan B and a plan C!