harriet bedford

I’ve always been really keen on “show and tell” and this all just feels like a bigger shinier version of that!


I’m extremely curious, I’ve made a fool of myself more times than I will ever admit to anyone and I’m a bit of a show off. I’m also proud to be the only jeweller (as far as I know) to have both performed stand up comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and cloned DNA…

I also drink a lot of tea.



I design because I have to. I love being able to come up with an idea, find the things I need to make it and then work to make it all real. It’s like magic. With fire and blades…and passion and beauty.

I’m currently working on a new collection which I am slowly falling in love with. I am also starting to fill up my events calendar. If you would like to be kept in the loop, join me on Facebook or subscribe to my newsletter (below)! 


I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing designers, companies and mentors. My design has been sold through Liberty and Selfridges, been exhibited at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, Earls Court and Olympia and been celebrated in competitions including one to design a diamond brooch for the Queen in honour of her Diamond Jubilee.

I’ve also produced designs for Oliver Sweeney, Conway Stewart, Clinique and Harrods.



I keep a simple yet slightly odd studio on the coast in Devon. I’m honoured to have been described as the most tenacious person in the jewellery industry. And I can’t drive.

And this is my dog, Edith (after discovering the hidden treasures of the dishwasher)




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