defiance lion bangle





defiance lion bangle


An elegant and detailed lion bangle designed in aid of the Born Free Foundation. Harriet is a great believer in the fair and cruelty free treatment of all animals and is honoured to be able to support Born Free. 


about the design:

The Defiance lion bangle is chic and elegant. It is a “keepsake” piece of jewellery – one you hold on to, wear all the time and pass down to someone important to you.

This design is banked with the British Jewellers’ Association.


to wear & to give:

Please note the this bangle is cuff style and due to its construction we recommend that it is not adjusted at all. Please see photographs for details of the fit and how the piece sits on the wearer.

The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity. It is devoted to wild animal welfare and compassionate conservation. The Born Free Foundation works to save animal lives, stop suffering, rescue individuals and protect rare species. CHARITY NUMBER 1070906.

For every Defiance lion bangle sold, Harriet Bedford will donate £10 to the Born Free Foundation.

For Harriet’s own ideas for how to style this piece and what you could wear with it CLICK HERE…. 


Measurements: 17.5cm

Weight: 14g


Jewellery packaging included. Luxury gift wrapping available.




“Every piece of my jewellery is beautifully made and perfectly hand finished from masters that I design and create myself. My jewellery has had lots of devotion and attention given to it. I hope you love it as much as I do” hb x



This piece is fully hallmarked by Harriet Bedford at the London Assay Office.

As with all silver some tarnish may occur on this piece over time. To clean your jewellery,  gently buff the tarnish away with the silver cleaning cloth included with your piece.



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