Those of you that know me personally will probably be aware that I am usually in a bit of a hurry.


In terms of actual spare time, I am probably (certainly) better off than a lot of the people I know – especially those with kids and other commitments, but I am still making a stand.

I will be in less of a rush. Even if I am in one. Which I will be.


The all came to light when I realised how little cooking I did during the course of last year. OK, I made a couple of cakes, but then ate cake instead of dinner.

I had also got it into my head that I was eating well because I “got rid” of my microwave oven. In truth, the eggs I was keeping on to of it had been smashed. Albumen had then dribbled into its mysterious workings. So I decided not to trust those mysterious workings to be safe any more…

(The watermelon that had fallen onto the eggs and smashed them was unblemished – until 1 week later it fell onto the floor and exploded. I hate that watermelon).



The realisation that I was eating mainly Tangfastics, takeaways and puddings was a bit of a shock. So. Action required. When I am in a rush, which I won’t be, I will need decent food in a hurry.

Tangfastics...the bane of my adult life. And adult teeth...

Tangfastics…the bane of my adult life. And adult teeth…

Chicken bought, thai green curry (chicken breasts, onions, aubergine, green curry paste, coconut cream), roast chicken (legs, thighs and wings plus seasoning, olive oil, thyme and root veg) and chicken soup (carcass, onions, carrots, seasoning) made. Portions boxed up and put in freezer.

New, tiny little microwave oven with steamer and crisper (wat?) functions ordered. Like I’m a proper grown up who cares about things like that.


I also made the following veggie meal this morning. I wanted something that tasted like the good, snugly bits of winter. And it absolutely does the trick.  Have a go. Measurements aren’t included because I honestly don’t know how much of anything I used.

Try not to omit things because the flavours are balanced pretty well…. Also the number it feeds depends larger upon the hunger and size of those involved. Duh.








Chilli (I use lazy ready chopped stuff in oil)

Salt and pepper


To serve

Grated mature cheddar (the sort that hurts when you eat it)

Posh Croutons (big french bread ones)


Cut it all into nice chunks and roast it until it’s roasted. The sprouts should brown. Add cheese and croutons. Eat. Say nom.



Do try it. Yummy and easy. Now to go and have a conversation about my pension.

Just a quick note really. Don’t order a takeaway on Hallowe’en night.

Bounding to the door with paper money can only lead to bad places when there is only a tiny vampire there. And money was far better than the treat he was expecting….

– a further note – to whichever of my neighbours was handing out bananas as treats. I salute you. Evil genius.


I like Hallowe’en. Ive never really engaged with it as a thing before, but it really lets creative people go a bit nuts….

I caught Hallowe’en Wars (a special edition of Cupcake Wars) on a while ago and was blown away with this little beauty, made from cake, pumpkin and sugar work. Blistering.

Vampire vs Zombie Marie Antoinette by the Blingbats on Halloween Wars

Vampire vs Zombie – Marie Antoinette by The Blingbats Team on Halloween Wars.


You SEE? A Google would give proper credit… God knows they deserve it….



Having bought too much sugary stuff through the end of October, I realised that my store cupboard is full of bits that I am very unlikely to get down to eating by myself.

My plan was to come up with some ways to throw these things together that make me look more clever than I am.

I thought that if I stabbed some holes in some peaches in fruit juice, then steeped them in amaretto, then made up some cupcake batter, shoved that on top and shoved it in the oven, it might work.


It didn’t. It bubbled though. Quite a lot. And the kitchen smells nice. In an inedible bubble kind of way.


It looks nice too….bloody thing.

AWFUL BASTARD Peach and Amaretto cake.

AWFUL BASTARD Peach and Amaretto cake.


Ah well. Next time, my pretty, next time…..



Having been told, then Told and finally TOLD to write a blog, it was fourteen whole seconds before I realised that I don’t have a single clue what you might want to hear about. Stuff that helps or entertains you, I guess. The odd thing you might want to keep for when that THING happens and there was that THING someone wrote about it with the gleaming genius answers…and …well all I have at the moment is this….


– my new black or white diamond and sterling silver pierced JOSIE ROSE COLLECTION!       It probably won’t help you to declutter your home, or bake a better lemon cake  – But it is pretty – and available on site very soon….

Josie Rose white diamond and sterling silver pendant  Josie Rose silver stud earrings


My friend Mia asked who I would make a piece of jewellery for if there were no limits on time or budget…. 

The trouble with strangers, even howlingly beautiful and talented ones is that they are still strangers. There are projects that would bring me immense joy – like making a suit of modern armour for Benedict Cumberbatch or an amazing set of sleeves that join as a necklace for someone like Lily Cole or Mila Kunis or Uma Thurman but I’d rather make things for people I know and love. It breathes excitement into work and makes you try new things, just to see the delight in their faces as they flip the box open…

My mum had a traditional silver charm bracelet from her travels but it was stolen when I was a child. I can remember some of the charms but not all of them. I would love to recreate that for her, given the time. I wish I could google the information or find a photo of it but it’s just me and my brain. I know there was a graduation cap (because I used to wear it on my little finger) and a frame with a pencil drawing of Snoopy in it – but that’s where I go blank…It’s horrible.


My mother is awesome, she’s like me but ruder! I wanted to share this with you because it is about a billion times better than regular cheese on toast.

My Mum’s Recipe….

Tastes Bad For You Because It Is Cheese on Toast.

Ingredients – Bread, Tomato Ketchup, Tomato, Anchovies (salted), Cheddar Cheese, Mayonnaise.

Directions – Toast bread on one side, spread other side with ketchup, add sliced tomato, anchovy cross and slices of cheese. Toast until proper. Add Mayonnaise. A lot of.

Do not attempt to omit any ingredients – if you do, it won’t work. It will be awful. Oh dear.


Found and adored on – I hear they stock some nice stuff!;)






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